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This is a new online directory that represents collections from organisations participating in our network, Scotland’s Sounds. We hope this will help people to explore what sound collections exist and how to access them, as well as show the diversity and value of these rich collections to researchers, sound enthusiasts and the general public.

This is a work in progress a present, if you want your own sound collections to be a part of our directory please contact us to request a Collection Information form.


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Traditional Arts and Culture Scotland (TRACS)

Sound Collections:
Traditional Arts Oral Archive
Our collection offers a combination of resources focused on music, storytelling, dance, the People's Parish project and the Gifting Every Child project. The oral tradition and intergenerational passing on of songs and stories are in decline in our ever-increasing digital world. However, our collections presents new opportunities to engage larger audiences with traditional arts through digital mediums for future generations. We aim to display the variety and vibrancy of Scotland's traditional arts scene.
Number of items: 40
Formats: Digital sound files
Contents: Music & Song; Spoken Word; Storytelling, music, songs for children

Organisation Information:
TRACS brings together the Traditional Music Forum, the Traditional Dance Forum of Scotland and the Scottish Storytelling Forum to showcase Scotland’s rich cultural heritage, and to improve the knowledge, practice, development and advocacy of traditional arts in a contemporary world, making them more accessible to all.
TRACS leads, in consultation with the Forums, on shared advocacy, policy development, strategic relationships, programme initiatives and promotion, involving different aspects of Scotland’s traditional arts, culture and languages.
TRACS operates in a uniquely collaborative way appropriate to the diverse networks that underpin Scotland’s arts of tradition locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.
Access to Collections: Online
Contact Details: 43-45 High Street Edinburgh EH1 1SR United Kingdom
0131 652 3272
Twitter: @ScotStoryCentre
Instagram: @scottishstorytellingcentre