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This is a new online directory that represents collections from organisations participating in our network, Scotland’s Sounds. We hope this will help people to explore what sound collections exist and how to access them, as well as show the diversity and value of these rich collections to researchers, sound enthusiasts and the general public.

This is a work in progress a present, if you want your own sound collections to be a part of our directory please contact us to request a Collection Information form.


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Comann Eachdraidh Sgire Bhearnaraidh {Bernera Historical Society}

Sound Collections:
Bernera Oral History Archive
A limited number of records made by local people since the year 2000 recording the stories and history of Bernera in Gaelic. Includes stories passed down through family, local oral traditions and descriptions of life growing up on Bernera.
Number of items: 50
Formats: Compact Discs
Contents: Oral History; Interviews; Spoken Word; Gaelic; oral traditions;

Organisation Information: Bernera Historical Society is based on the small island of Great Bernera on the west coast of the Isle of Lewis with the aim to collect and preserve the cultural heritage of the island. The collection includes genealogical and crofting records for the island, including photos; Iron Age Artifacts from the Iron Age Village at Bosta, and a limited sound collection of local people telling the history and stories on Bernera in Gaelic. The society runs the accredited Bernera Museum and the Bosta Iron Age House., and is run by volunteers and managed by a Trust.
Access to Collections: On-site.
Contact Details: Bernera Historical Society, Bernera Museum, Bernera Community Center, Breaclete, Bernera, Isle of Lewis, HS2 9LT.
01851 612331
Opening Hours normally Monday to Friday 12pm to 4pm during the summer. Please check website for up to date information.