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This is a new online directory that represents collections from organisations participating in our network, Scotland’s Sounds. We hope this will help people to explore what sound collections exist and how to access them, as well as show the diversity and value of these rich collections to researchers, sound enthusiasts and the general public.

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West Dunbartonshire Council

Sound Collections:
Clydebank Oral History Youth Opportunities Project 1982; Dumbarton Local History Interviews 1980s / 1990s; Dumbarton Quality of Life Project 1970s; Singer Strike 1911: Glasgow Labour History Workshop interviews 1988; Blitz Remembered: Clydebank Blitz 75th Anniversary 2016; Accessing and Exploring our Heritage oral history project 2017
A collection of oral history recordings held in the local history and archive collections of West Dunbartonshire Council. These recordings are the result of specific oral history projects run by Dumbarton and Clydebank District Libraries at the time and latterly by West Dunbartonshire Council Heritage Department. The recordings date from the 1970s to the current day.
Number of items: 145
Formats: Digital sound files; Compact Discs; Cassettes
Contents: Oral History; Interviews; Radio;Music & Song; Industry and social history.

Organisation Information:
West Dunbartonshire Council’s Arts & Heritage department sits within Libraries & Cultural Services and is responsible for the care and management of the Council’s Museum, Archive and Local History collections, many of which are unique to West Dunbartonshire and of significant historical importance.
The collections, which date from 1373 to the present day, comprise the records of West Dunbartonshire Council and its predecessor bodies along with a range of private collections which reflect social and economic activity in the area over the last 400 years. Consisting of archives, photographs, fine art and objects including the Singer Archive, a Recognised Collection of National Significance and a unique collection of documents relating to the Clydebank Blitz of 1941. Written reminiscences and oral histories relating to the Clydebank Blitz, the Singer Factory, shipbuilding and other industries of the area are also held.
Access to Collections: On-site
Contact Details: Library and Cultural Services HQ,19 Poplar Road, Broadmeadow Industrial Estate, Dumbarton, G82 2RJ
01389 608965
Search our collections:
Twitter: @WDCHeritage

Wick Voices

Sound Collections:
The Wick Voices collection aims to preserve as many stories as possible for posterity - therefore the recordings cover all aspects of life and work, in and around the heritage town of Wick in the most northerly county of Caithness. The collection is on-going with recordings being added on a weekly basis. Even during the Covid-19 pandemic, we are encouraging people to record their 'lockdown reflections' so that we have a record of experiences and emotions felt during lockdown. These recordings are available for current and future generations.
Compilations of audio clips, supported by photographs from The Johnston Photographic collection, which is held in trust by The Wick Society, are being made into online videos. The compilations are centred around specific themes such as Shops, Island life, Operation Snowdrop, A Gutter's Life and Schooldays. Wick Voices seeks to preserve as many memories as possible through digital recording and archiving technology.
Number of items: 250
Formats: Digital sound files
Contents: Oral History; Interviews; Spoken Word; childhood, school days, town, village, farm, employment - farming, fishing, nuclear industry, oil and gas industry, renewable energy, history, leisure, entertainment, Christmas, New Year, shops, snow, Island of Stroma, John O Groats Mill, historical buildings.

Organisation Information:
Wick Voices is the Oral History Section of The Wick Society. The ambitious project, set up in 2016 and run by a small team of volunteers, seeks to preserve as many memories as possible, through digital recording and archiving technology.
Collectively our reminiscences are a treasure trove of life experiences, nostalgic, educational, moving, entertaining and always interesting. With the Wick Society at the hub of the project, we believe it helps to promote interest in our shared heritage. Wick Voices is a truly intergenerational project working closely with school pupils and older family members, not only collecting stories from the heritage town of Wick but from the surrounding area too. Our recollections enrich the lives of those around us and they help the next generation share in our sense of belonging.
This is social history in its most natural form - as told by the people who have lived it.
The extensive collection is available online.
Access to Collections: Online; On-site
Contact Details: Wick Voices, Wick Heritage Museum, 18-27 Bank Row, Wick, Caithness, KW1 5EY
07732 175708
Twitter: @wickvoices