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OurStory Scotland

Sound Collections:
OurStory Scotland Collection
OurStory Scotland audio recordings are archived at the National Library of Scotland (Archives and Manuscripts). They comprise principally full-length oral history recordings with individuals or couples, group recordings, and shorter recordings on particular themes. Where the recording is recorded with video, the recordings are archived at the Moving Image Archive of the National Library of Scotland. The OurStory Scotland Collection is a national archive of hte LGBTQ+ community in Scotland.
Number of items: The Collection currently comprises 40 full length oral history recordings, but this number is growing as our work is continuing. We have many other recordings that we are preparing for archive.
Formats: Digital sound files
Contents: Oral History; Interviews; Spoken Word. The OurStory Scotland Collection focuses on the life stories of the LGBTQ+ community in Scotland. In addition to traditional full-length oral history recordings, we have recordings on particular themes, identities, locations and events. Questions of gender and sexuality are central to our recordings. Particular projects have included Queer Stories and Love Out of Bounds (supported by the former Scottish Arts Council and later Creative Scotland), OurSpace (the title of our 2008 exhibition at Kelvingrove), Moving Bodies and Coming In.

Organisation Information:
OurStory Scotland, establsihed in 2002, is a Scottish Charity (SCIO) run wholly by volunteers dedicated to collecting, archiving and presenting the life stories of the LGBTQ+ community in Scotland. We have developed a range of methods of collecting these stories, archival procedures to preserve the heritage of our community, and themes for storytelling and presentation.
Access to Collections: Online
Contact Details: OurStory Scotland, Archives and Special Collections, The Mitchell, North Street, Glasgow, G3 7DN
A small sample of our recordings can be accessed on our YouTube channel
Twitter: @OurStoryScot