Past Projects

Connecting Scotland’s Sounds

The network’s most recent project was Connecting Scotland’s Sounds, which championed the preservation and sharing of Scotland’s audio heritage from 2016 to 2017 with support from the Esmee Fairbairn Foundation and the Martin Connell Trust.

Increasing skills and expertise in caring for sound collections

  • 555 knowledge exchange places were filled during 34 knowledge exchange activities
  • We coordinated training events, network meetings, coaching sessions, research visits and conference bursaries
  • Topics included copyright, cataloguing, caring for analogue collections, digitisation, curation and engagement

Catalysing engagement with sound collections

  • Over 3000 people attended one of 80 public engagement sessions held across Scotland (see map attached)
  • We ran activities for schools, radio listeners, community groups, social media users, public audiences and youth groups
  • Through these activities we showcased 25 different sound collections from across Scotland

Sound partners

  • Partnerships with collection holders, artists, researchers and media specialists were at the heart of this project
  • An estimated 165 people representing 95 different organisations or freelancers contributed to the project’s knowledge exchange and public engagement programmes

Read all about it in our Connecting Scotland’s Sounds project report (PDF) review the previous events or watch our project film.

Scotland’s Sounds proudly presents Sounds like Scotland, a short animated mixtape, showcasing clips from 12 collections’ archive sound recordings.