About us

The Scotland’s Sounds network includes a range of people from museums, libraries, archives and private collections who want to work together to preserve and share Scotland’s heritage recorded sounds.

These sounds recordings may be analogue or digital, and the recordings’ content could be music, radio broadcasts, oral history, sound art or environmental sounds.

Regular stakeholder meetings are coordinated across Scotland by the National Library of Scotland in order to strengthen ties between organisations caring for sound collections and share responsibility for their sustainable access for the benefit of the public. The network also aims to proactively increase engagement with Scotland’s sound heritage.

The strategic vision for the Scotland’s Sounds network states:

‘Through increasing visibility to sound collections we can help in raising standards and sharing best practice to encourage effective care and promote widespread accessibility while fostering a supportive public and professional network.’

Read more in the Strategic vision for the Scottish Sound Archive (PDF) (8 pages; 498 KB).

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