Public engagement programme


We’re working with a range of fantastic partners to help audiences listen in to Scotland’s past.

Upcoming events

9 December 2017, National Library of Scotland, Edinburgh : ‘Pantomime in Scotland’, looking back through film and sound’ (part of the Library Social Programme for people living with dementia and their carers)

2 February 2017, National Library of Scotland, Edinburgh : ‘Coming In’, a celebration of LGBTQI life stories. This event will feature audio recordings from OurStory Scotland’s collection, which are archived at the National Library, alongside live accounts. Interested participants will be recorded telling their own stories of coming in to Scotland or being elsewhere. Please book your place at

28 February 2017, National Library of Scotland, Edinburgh :  ‘Mapping Scotland in Sound’, tour of the ‘You Are Here’ exhibition with descriptions  of the maps and archive sound recordings to complement their themes. Particularly suitable for people who are bling or partially-sighted.


Here are a few on-going projects where we’re working to share Scotland’s audio heritage:


  • Working with Museums Alive volunteers from City of Edinburgh Museums & Galleries to explore the use of audio recordings within their reminiscence.
  • ‘Sounding Borders’ with Scottish Borders Archives  and Scran : a range of communities will be involved in developing creating responses to the oral history collections from the Borders, which will be shared online via a special map.
  • Developing a Scots Song in Schools project in partnership with Local Voices and the Scots Language Centre. A number of school classes in Dundee, Angus and East Fife will participate in workshops involving archive Scots recordings.
  • ‘Taigh na Gaidhlig film projec’ : working with the University of Glasgow’s Gaelic-language residency programme to support student films using archive recordings.
  • ‘Hear Here’ with the Scottish Graduate School for Arts and Humanities, Glasgow Women’s Library and Scran  : matching researchers with community sound collections resulting in up to 3 public engagement event.
  • ‘Canna Collection’ with the National Trust of Scotland and artist Yvonne Cooper : co-curating a sound installation with the Canna community which highlights the rich Canna collection.

Our past public engagements

  • 1 October: Puppet-making workshop by Zenwing Puppets at Elgin Library with recordings from Greentrax and Inverness Museum & Art Gallery. A family workshops where participants listened to recordings featuring music an interview of the late Joan MacDonald.
  • 19 October: Community engagement session in Collin near Dumfries with the European Ethnological Research Centre. An afternoon talk sharing local history recordings collected as part of the Dumfries & Galloway Regional Ethnology study.
  • 27 October: ‘Talking Shop’ evening event at the University of Dundee exploring archive recordings about the world of commerce in Dundee through oral history clips, songs and poetry.
  • 29 October: ‘Cran of Song’ event at Scottish Fisheries Museum in Anstruther with Meg Hyland, from the University of St Andrews, focusing on memories of fishing music : soundtrack trail trough the museum’s galleries, live talks and performances.
  • 12 November 2016, ‘Community Heritage Conference’ at the Town House in Aberdeen, in partnership with Historic Environment Scotland : gathering of community heritage champions, who got to listen to oral history, storytelling and musical clips from the North East of Scotland.